Wearing: Gap Blazer, Aritzia Blouse, Plum Jeans, Aldo Pumps, Banana Republic Necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Scarf from Italy


  1. Lovely outfit! The pinky/red tones look perfect together and the scarf just ties it in.
    You trip sounds rather, unpredictable! You never know, it might be super fun!

    You look gorgeous!
    xx, Maria

  2. Ooh, I love this blouse! Such a gorgeous color! Have fun in Winnipeg... I only went once and I was all alone at a conference, so it was uh, not fun, but I'm sure you'll have a much better time with your fella in tow! :) There's a cute boutique called Hush Shout there that is worth checking out!

  3. The color of that blouse is great for fall! And I'm also loving where you took these pictures because the blazer and stair railing go well together. Not sure if you planned it like that, but it looks great!

    Cup of Tea

  4. the top and jacket looks beautiful together!

  5. I love this outfit Melissa - probably one of my favorite of yours to date! You look comfy and casual, yet chic!

  6. Not to sell my hometown short or anything, but Mike hit pretty close to the mark when he said you'll probably be bored; there really isn't much going on in Winnipeg :) But I hope you have a good time in spite of that... If you take this jacket and blouse combination along, you can't really go wrong. I love those colours together!

  7. Love your outfit, so chic and comfortable.

  8. Winnipeg, my home town! If you have any free time be sure to check out Osborne village for the cutest boutiques and the Exchange district for vintage shops! Have fun, Winnipeg isn't the wasteland it's sometimes made out to be :)

  9. So pretty hun, love your blazer! have a good time X

  10. Loving this color palette! Such a beautiful blazer and love the scarf...you look stunning!

    It was so lovely hanging out with you on Wednesday, you are so much fun to be around ;)

    Have a wonderful trip, I know you will blow them away in that dress!

    xo Cara

  11. I LOVE the colours of that blazer and blouse together. The blouse is super pretty, but I usually always like Aritzia stuff :). Have a great trip!

  12. You look lovely in that warm rust color and pink. I would steal this entire outfit from you.

    Hope you and M enjoy your getaway!

  13. Haha he wouldn't let you look up the weather report for Winnipeg?

  14. i love this outfit! i think is definitely in my top 5 ;)


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