Barefoot Contessa Video

After avoiding this for a few weeks now, I think I have gotten over the initial embarrassment and now feel comfortable sharing this with you.

What can I tell you, I hate seeing myself on video! Haha it's so awkward and my voice? Eek, do I really sound like that in person?

Luckily I adore Barefoot Contessa and really loved working with them to put this video together, otherwise I probably would have hid it from you forever ;)

You can view my tips on how to style the "not so practical" items in your closet on the Barefoot Contessa Blog.

(and for those of you who think Barefoot Contessa is a lady that cooks, it's a boutique here in Vancouver and it's every girly girls dream).


  1. Great job with the styling and the video, Melissa! The looks you put together are so pretty, and you come across as articulate and knowledgeable.

  2. You are so cute! I totally know what you mean, I cringe whenever I see myself on video or hear my own voice, but you don't have a thing to worry about, you are well spoken and completely adorable!! <3

  3. oh my god!!!! i love it!! you did such an amazing job, great advice!

  4. p.s. i love your top, where's it from?

  5. you did such a great job, you look lovely on camera too.
    I love the red & shorts look!


  6. Stay tuned for my video on how to style jeans and a t-shirt. ;)

  7. Yay! Love Barefoot Contessa they really do have the most amazing items -ever!! And you rocked that video, loved it & your tips. Also, happy belated birthday... and I must say that turning 29 was surprisingly hard for me as well. However, strangely enough turning 30 was super fabulous & liberating. Hmm, who knew?! Happy weekend Melissa! xo veronika

    PS love the new blog layout!

  8. Lol, our voices and faces always look/sound different on camera and it is so freaky at first! But I know what you mean about 'getting used to it', sometimes you just have to listen to it a few times and the initial shock wears off. I love it, and to me you sound completely normal and look great!


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