Simpler Times

Outfit Details:
Blazer: H&M
Top: Love Culture
Shorts: UO
Shoes: Steve Madden

Happy 4th of July America. I understand I am a month late but I felt like wearing red, white and blue. Better late than never right?

I slowly started uploading my pictures again so hopefully in a couple months time I will have a majority of them back. I just have so much going on right now that I don't have time for mass picture uploading. Why couldn't this have happened last month when I had literally nothing to do but watch re-runs of the Housewives of Orange County and Millionaire Matchmaker? Huh? Maybe that's why I am wearing colours that celebrate the beginning of July. I'm remembering the simpler times of a month ago.


  1. Millionaire matchmaker. So addicting!

    And I love the red shorts. I'm loving the American colors in your outfit! I guess you could say it's Canadian colors... with blue? :)

  2. I got all excited for you because I thought this post meant that you had somehow managed to recover all of your photos. No such luck, I guess :( I would have an absolute meltdown if I lost all of the photos on my blog. Thinking of you :)

  3. Such a cute outfit! I love the pattern mixing. I'm so sorry to hear about the photo mishap, my heart broke for you.


  4. Love this so much, especially the red shorts! Good to know you're doing a little better getting pictures back up, it's gotta be a pain, though! Best of luck!

  5. i love your style! the polka dot top is my favourite here

    ♡, Rosa T.

  6. Yeah I could definitely go for some 4th of July again right now, I'm pretty sure I did nothing but gorge myself with cupcakes that day. It was nice. Well the upside of not having your pics up anymore is that you can go ahead and change the past by not uploading or retaking all the embarrassing photos. Eh? :) (also this is like my favorite outfit, btw)

  7. Love the mixing of pattern and colour miss melissa! are we taking outfit photos tonight? that might be cute :)

  8. ok, first, you look adorable. LOVE the red white and blue!
    second, i CAN NOT believe that all your pictures got erased! i told my husband about it and i think he's going to look into it! i'll let you know if i hear anything! :(

  9. This outfit looks great! I'm sorry you lost all your pictures... I think if i lost all mine I'd have a nervous breakdown, but you're handling it really well!


  10. Pattern on pattern, woooo! Love this outfit, such a perfect way of bringing patterns together but still looking super pulled-together and chic. Love it. You look gorge of course too!

    Alex xoxo


  11. Ok, you are handling this so. well (I would be crying and possibly throwing my computer out of the window!). But still, I'm so sorry!

    At least you look adorable! And being a month behind is better than 6 months (ahem. I'm looking at you "Christmas in July" commercials)

  12. This outfit is SO CUTE!! I love the mixed prints, and love the red shorts! Oh so adorable! And your hair is looking super pretty here, too!

  13. love the pattern mixing here :) red shorts are so cute!! you should link upto EBEW edition soon!!

    xo Nav

  14. Love the blazer on you! I tried it on in H&M but it was too short on me :( You pull it off very well.


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