6 am

Outfit Details: 
Blazer: RW&Co
Blouse: Vintage
Shorts & Shoes: UO
Bag: Aldo

I was woken up by a dramatic work-related phone call at 6am the other morning. While I was trying to fall back asleep this outfit popped into my head. I generally try not to let my 6am brain make many of my decisions because It’s my 6am brain that somehow convinces me that I CAN in fact press snooze 4 more times and that I’ll have no problem getting ready for work in 5 minutes. Not my smartest of decisions. As a result I have never let my 6am brain pick out any of my outfits. If I am getting up early I tend to pick out my clothes the night before so my 10pm brain can do all the work. But why am I so trusting of 10pm brain? 10pm brain is easily convinced that I have time to watch 2 more episodes of the Housewives of Orange County before bed which is really the only reason that 6am brain wants to hit snooze!

9am brain usually only picks out jeans and blazers and 1pm brain is usually feeling bloated from lunch and selects sweat pants.

So why was I being so hard on 6am brain? I decided to try out the outfit that I came up with so early in the morning and I’m glad I did. This outfit was simple in the way that I love and really comfortable for an afternoon at English Bay.

I salute you 6am brain. Well done.


  1. lovely jacket!! really like the color!


  2. You've inspired me to pull my white blazer out of storage. It's from 2005 and I was feeling that it was a little outdated... but I've completely changed my mind! Thanks for helping me reinvent my closet and save some money! I love your blog!

    Cup of Tea

  3. Wow! Good work 6am brain! I love the print of the shirt.

  4. Love those adorable shoes!


  5. You look so cute and summery. 6am brain ftw!

  6. love the outfit those shoes are amazing!

  7. My brian works the exact same way. I always say 'fashion over function', but that has come back to bite me in the ass on more than one occasion! ;)

  8. Hahaha. You are funny, but totally right. Here's hoping my 6 am brain makes some good decisions tomorrow as my 11:46 pm Eastern time brain wants to read blogs instead of be asleep like an hour ago.

    Love the shoes, too!

  9. Yes, I am joining you in the salute to 6am brain. It has done you proud. My sometime-this-week brain is totally copying it.

  10. My 6am mind is usually pretty intelligent too. I love this outfit! Maybe you should make 6am fashion ideas a habit!


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