Blissfully Red

Outfit Details:
Coat: Zara
Top: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: True Value Vintage
Bag: Ebay
Shoes: Payless

I'm a yo-yo budgeter. I have put myself on a budget far too many times to count. Usually I'd stick to my budget really well for a few weeks but it would feel like several months had passed so I'd treat myself to a shopping trip. Then buyers remorse would set in and obviously the only thing that could make me feel better was shopping.

This time around I've actually done a really good job sticking to my budget. I finally realized the mistake I made all the other times I set a budget for myself. I wasn't putting together a budget that was realistic for me.

One rule that I had always thought was a good one was "make a list of what you want to buy and stick to it. No impulse shopping".

But, it turns out, I like impulse shopping! I like window shopping, browsing and finding that piece I didn't even know I wanted but love unconditionally. Sure, impulse shopping can lead to those items in your closet you never wear but that can happen with any purchase.

So I switched things up. I do have my list of items I really want (white blazer, light khaki trench coat, Jeffrey Campbell Ripple Sandals) and I'm putting money aside to eventually buy them, but I'm also allowing myself a small dollar amount each month for an impulse buy. The difference is, when I go browsing, I don't have a Visa or even my debit card. I bring cash. I am finding I'm a lot pickier with my impulse buys because I know that my funds really are limited (not fake limited like when I have a Visa in my wallet). A couple times I have found a piece and put it on hold to make sure I still want it an hour later.

So my lovely readers, tell me, what works best for you? Are you someone who likes to plan out their purchases or do you like impulse buys?

I guess I just can't give up an afternoon of browsing the stores on Robson with a latte in my hand. After all, that was how I stumbled across this military inspired Zara coat I'm wearing.

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  1. hey lovely lady,
    i'm dubbing you the One Lovely Blog Award.
    Seen here:
    ps your pics are awesome when you smile

  2. I think you know my shopping habits. Which are improving, but I do have moments of weakness. Love your Delightful Dozen feature my love! You're so beautiful in red :)

  3. I had an extreme moment of weakness and splurged on an Elsa Peretti circle pendant necklace for my mom for Mothers' Day. Hadn't meant to go so far above budget, but it was beautiful and it's going to look great on her. The way I justified it was "Hey, it's for my mom and not for me. And once I have a mortgage, I don't have this level of disposable income and I can't spoil her with jewelry. I should do it now while I have the chance." :)

  4. I totally have a shopping list for myself but then I end up buying to many other items on impulse. The only bringing cash idea is very good, I think I'll try that!!

    PS. Love your red top :)


  5. That red is so fantastic on you! You look great in this!

    When we were going through the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class, one of the things he talked about is how you'll never be able to stick to a budget if you don't include a little money to do the things you enjoy. I think you're approaching this in the best way possible! Good luck!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. Red is a lovely color on you!

  7. The red with the Zara jacket = A+

    As for budgeting, I definitely go through phases. Sometimes I put myself on complete shopping bans (which rarely work), sometimes I think to myself that I should just buy the things I want or I'll end up regretting it. I find that I shop way more when I'm not working/super busy so having this entire summer off is not doing good things for my wallet!

    xo, alison*elle

  8. I do a little bit of both, but mostly impulse!
    Love your zara coat!

  9. It turns out I like impulse shopping, too. A lot :) The fact is, as much as there are many things on my wish list, you never know when something fabulous is going to come along- and if you limit yourself totally, you could easily end up regretting it. I don't have a hard and fast set of rules for how I budget, but with mortgage payments, condo fees and bills, I always have about the same amount of money left over for "fun." Which in my world, includes impulse buys :)
    PS: Love, love, love your coat. Definitely an excellent impulse purchase.

  10. I've rarely been 100% happy with my impulse buys unless they coincide with the things I needed but wasn't planning to get yet (err I hope that makes sense). Usually I have a list of things I want to buy, but that list can get long super fast, lol! I think your way of impulse buying with only cash might be something I need to try, because I also love the thrill of picking up something unplanned. :)

  11. I'm so bad with impulse shopping that now I don't even go into clothing stores unless I need something. I suppose I should do the adult thing and make a budget, but that's hard...

    P.S. That red looks AMAZING on you.

  12. Off topic, but I love your hair color so much. The red really sets it off I think, so pretty. Umm, budget you say? I'm kind of the worst. I may need to crash on your couch this summer, would Mike mind??

  13. I was doing really well but started to splurge again! I'm more of a binge buying - not buying for a while and then going all out! My biggest problem is online shopping especially shoes - too often i've bought stuff online and then regret it.

  14. I am definitely a planner when it comes to pricey purchases, but with regards to most clothing items or shoes, I will totally get what I like when I see it, unless I can manage to risk waiting til it goes on sale


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