Lazy Monday

 Sweater: Vintage
Pants: Gap
Oxfords: Steve Madden, Front & Co.
Bag: Spotted Moth
Earrings: Ruche

Today I am suffering from a severe case of Procrastination. I know I have a busy week coming up and today will be the last day I can get some stuff done but I've decided that watching tv and being lazy is a really good plan. I'll have to force myself to stay busy this afternoon!


  1. i love your sweater and your bag too!! fabulous outfit :) sounds like a busy week ahead, good luck!

  2. This outfit is so cute! Love the sweater! Looks like you've been finding a lot of amazing vintage pieces.

  3. I spy with my little eye something that is from front and co! They look so awesome on you, glad you got them! You look so cute in this outfit, totally digging the vintage sweater! Thanks for the shoutout darling dollface, so pumped for Wednesday :)

  4. That bag is so nice, love the studs. It looks great contrasted with the sweetness of the cardigan.
    I hate when I get the procrastination bug!

  5. Sigh... I know exactly what you mean. I have a TON of hwk assignments, projects and finals coming up and all I want to do is brainstorm ideas of what I want to do with my blog! We clearly both have our priorities straight ;)

    I so wish I could join you ladies at Guess but school calls... hope you all have a great time!


  6. OH HELLZ YEAH, I want my blog sponsored by chocolate too! Sending you lots of Hershey's thoughts...

    PS: Just noticed the awesome studs on that bag!

  7. I have a request: you MUST share how to do your hair like that - I love it!!

  8. ADORABLE jumper! Oh and adorable lady.. but that's nothin new ;) You look so great in this.

  9. i've some super lazy days lately too.... oh and p.s. i'm kinda super excited to meet you at the Guess party on wednesday!

  10. That sweater is stunning on you. You look so very chic in this outfit, I love it! The brown oxfords are the perfect touch, too.

    Hm...a sponsorship from Hershey...if you work that out, let me know how I can do it too!

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