Casual Sunday

Outfit Details:

Blazer: Vintage
Blouse: Gap
Jeans: True Value Vintage
Loafers: Zara
Bag: Spotted Moth
Necklace: Fine Finds

I've come to the conclusion that Mike is only ever near me with a camera when I'm at my most casual. So just for the record, on days where I haven't blogged I am wearing something fabulous. Every time. You know those outfits that you see on other fashion bloggers that you drool over and tweet about?  Yah, I'm wearing one of those. Phew, glad we got that cleared up.

I also want to explain the professional process that Mike and I go through when we take these pictures. Since I'm sure you're all extremely curious.

First I end up whining because there are people around when we go to take pictures. He usually says "who cares" and I say "I do... they're going to juuuuudge meeee" <--- at my most whiniest.

He then patiently tells me to find a secluded place and I never can (I've contemplated taking pictures in front of dumpsters but unfortunately in Vancouver that rarely means you'll be alone) so I give up and agree to take pictures with people around.

Then when we start taking pictures I ask to look at them after we've taken 3 pictures. I then go back to take more pictures and end up making this face.

This is my I've-done-all-three-poses-I-know-how-to-do-and-now-I-give-up-because-I-don't-want-the-people-watching-to-think-I-think-I'm-a-model face. I have one in every single outfit. Maybe I'll post them all one day. Hmmm.

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  1. i totally agree with you - the days you dress your best, the camera isn't there to capture it! i wish the camera could capture my awesome moments/outfits all the time! :(

  2. love the outfit! especially the blazer!

  3. i love this outfit. i call it casual chic.

  4. LOL you look GREAT! wish I looked this good on a casual day :)

  5. i love that blazer, the little pouf at the shoulders hits you jsut in the right spot....
    as for silly picture faces, i might be interested in seeing a whole album of them ;)

  6. You're adorable. I wish I could pull off a blazer in a casual outfit, but I can't seem to get it right. You look awesome!!!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. HAHA I always love your commentary! I would be the same way ... I always am so critical of pictures of myself. But as usual, you look fantastic! Love those loafers with that blazer although I can never pull off flats. I feel like I look too short and frumpy. BOOO!

  8. Just found your blog. Lovely! Can't wait to read more.


  9. My process is exactly the same as yours!

    This is such a cute outfit. I adore your blazer!

  10. Haha, such a cute post. Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetie!

  11. Have to say your thought process is eerily similar to my own whenever I'm taking pictures--thankfully, I don't have a style blog or else there'd be a lot more awkward shots of me on the interwebs. Plus: my scrunched up nose face is not as adorable as your's unfortunately. :(

    Love the outfit, and as a fellow Vancouverite--have to say, I don't think we even notice people taking pictures anymore.

  12. hahaha I love your blurbs about you and Mike. I always feel self-conscious when I'm taking pictures outside and there are people around...

  13. Um I love that your casual outfit is sleek black, a blazer, cute bag and shoes. Sheesh you put me to shame Melissa!! I love the outtakes, please do a full post on them! Why do boys capture us like that??

  14. This process sounds so very, very familiar... I'm going to make Morne read this, hahaha!

    You look gorgeous in this!

  15. Ahah I totally agree! I always wear fabulous outfits on the days without a camera... haha. You still look super cute in a casual outfit :)


  16. I am really liking this outfit. It is just the right amount of polish!

  17. I love this look. So casual and comfy.

    I mentioned you in my post today. I hope it's ok :)


  18. i adore this look! love it! it's so simple, but so pretty. i want your blazer and shoes too.

    also, wanted to say THANK YOU for voting for me for the Design Your Look contest! I really appreciate it! (:

  19. My face looks like your last face in EVERY one of my photos, haha. But it's my "am I in the frame??" face. Hey I think this casual outfit is adorable, are you kidding me, I would be puh-roud to blog it if I looked so cute and pulled together!

  20. Haha you're hilarious! Even if you think this outfit is one of your blander ones, it still looks great. So many people make the mistake of dressing down TOO much when they do casual, and you show that casual can still be chic.

  21. I have mad love for those loafers!!! Casual days are more than fine, I like how you're realistic!!

  22. This post made me giggle... mostly because I totally relate. There is nothing quite as awkward as taking pictures of yourself in the middle of a street as passerby gawk at you. Once, my neighbor asked, "what are you taking pictures of HER for?" Awesome.

  23. Hahaha omg this reminds of me! When I see people, I intentionally walk over to my friend to "look" at the photos. Honestly though, I hate being in front of the camera. Near the end I always give up. Oh well, it's just for the sake of blogging!

    Love the loafers. They look very comfy! Can't wait to get a pair.


  24. It's funny... When I started blogging last year I had no idea there were other Vancouver bloggers. I went along for so long thinking that and now, suddenly (and thrillingly) I'm stumbling upon local blogs constantly! I'm so glad to have found yours, it's always nice to know there are other people who share your passion, especially if they're nearby :) I'm Cee, by the way, from Coco and Vera :) And I know exactly what you mean; unless I specifically plan the photo shoot, most of my best outfits- although they're probably not all that exciting- never do make it onto a camera. You look pretty fabulous here, though, I have to say, especially that blazer. Love it!

  25. Hahaha I had no idea other people do the same thing with their face?! I think all of us style bloggers need to take a modeling class or something, my 3 poses get repetitive after a while! BUT you look adorable, and I think your outfit is perfect. They're classic pieces for a reason. xx

  26. This post totally made me laugh! I only have two poses, and I never know what to do after I finish them, and then I really don't want people thinking that I think I'm a model. HAHA!

    Anyway, you are too cute. I love this outfit SO MUCH!

  27. well u still manage to look pretty and sweet!:) great outfit,i especially like the blazer!!and great blog btw,my first time here!:)
    p.s. u have a new follower on google and bloglovin as well!:)


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