Attempt Failed

Outfit Details:
Blazer & Top: Zara
Jeans: True Value Vintage
Shoes: F21
Bag: ebay


  1. Oh, the joys of Vancouver weather. No matter how I try, or how much product I use, the second I walk out the house, my hair is a disaster. There is no trick I haven't tried to fix this problem, but so far I've had no luck, so I can completely sympathise with your predicament :) But you do look just darling in these photos even if the wind did mess with your tresses- I love that butterfly blouse and your boots (are from Forever 21? Seriously? I'm beyond shocked! What a great find!) are fabulous.

  2. Hahaha, you are the cutest! I love your stories. I also love these SHOES! So, so cute! Worth the drive, I say! I so hear you though, I use to walk 15 minutes to work every day and no matter how nice I felt when I left my house, I looked like windblown garbage by the time I arrived! You, however, do not look one bit like windblown garbage - pretty pretty as always!

  3. oh! and ps: the new layout looks lovely!! so cute & girlie!

  4. It's probably never as bad as you think! We are our own worst critics...

  5. Omigosh, the wind does horrible things to my bangs too. My hair's super fine so when the wind blows up they go... it's so annoying! Your hair looks totally fine in these pics though :)

    xo, alison*elle

  6. How funny! You look adorable in the pictures (:

  7. You're too funny, honey! The bangs issue reminds me of There's Something About Mary. Love it :)

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  8. Hahaha, I love your little stories. Boys just don't understand our need to feel pretty. And yay for delicious sushi lunch!

  9. at least you put in a little extra effort, and it shows! i love your blouse. And I'm sure the Bf appreciated the sentiment. sometimes a girl just wants to look pretty for her man! nothing wrong with that! ;)

  10. Hehehe, that's too funny! You poor thing ;) You look gorgeous though! I love this outfit and these photos are amazing.

    (Still in love with your layout too!)

  11. i know what you mean. bad weather ruins everything!
    i love the print of your top, gorgeous! zara is coming to australia and i can't wait!

  12. Haha, you always have the best stories! That's so sweet that you get to meet up with Mike for lunch on your days off! :)

    I always feel SO unattractive after I walk a lot, too. The blotchy red cheeks, messy hair, blue lips. UGH.

    The worst is taking outfit pictures after I've walked a lot. I should never do that. Or taking outfit pictures in the wind. So not fun trying to tame my hair! :(

  13. OMG are those new shoes? I'm in shoe-love! And you already know this, but I am obsessed with the new layout! Doesn't a blog makeover feel so refreshing? Tieka is so talented (and so are you...obvs) Wish you were coming to my party tonight :( We need a date ASAP <3

  14. How funny! :) At least you enjoyed your lunch with Mike!

    You look lovely and I am loving the new look of the blog!

  15. Really nice outfit, love it!

    You look wonderful ;)



  16. Well, dear you still look pretty! And I don't think your hair looks windy, but very beautiful!
    Such a great outfit with that cute top!

  17. your shirt is really awesome!

    xx, Sabinna and David


  18. Thank god for miss monkey face because I had been missing out on a cute (fella) Canadian blogger allt this time. We need more canadian blogger conferences or soemthing so I can find out who all these ladies are. Sadly you're on the opposite end of Canadia but that's ok. I hope you at least know what Poutine is... cuz or else I have some ass woopin to do... err i mean teaching. yes, teaching. ok that's it. when my schedule dies down, im gonna do some archive stalking. for now, you're going into my bookmarks.

  19. Just came over via Delightful Dozen.
    Love this top! So pretty!

  20. Lurveee that butterfly top. I miss Zara oh so much!


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