Well that was Awkward.

Blazer & Blouse: Zara
Pants: American Eagle
Pumps: Steve Madden
Purse: Spotted Moth
Necklace: Vintage

I have come to the conclusion I really handle stress horribly! I look haggard right now! (and for the record, these pictures are a couple days old so take any haggardness that's in these pics and multiply it by a gazillion).

I'm really going to have to focus on positives for the next week because it's going to be a hectic and super stressful one and at the rate I'm going I'm going to have a heart attack. Or I'm going to eat my body weight in chocolate. Whichever.

I've been skipping yoga lately because I feel like I don't have time to go, but I decided today that if I didn't go relax in my yoga class I wouldn't make it through next week. Not only was the class amazingly relaxing but I also witnessed the most perfectly awkward moment as I was leaving class.

Let me paint the scene for you. I'm getting my purse etc out of my locker after yoga and two girls who were waiting for the next class had the following conversation.

Girl 1: Hey! How are you?
Girl 2: Heeey! Yah, I thought I recognized you! How've you been?
(note: The only reason I even saw this transpire is because I was walking towards the first girl when she said hey, and I thought she was talking to me and almost said hi back before I realized she was talking to a girl behind me. Phew, embarrassing crisis averted! (for me... not girl 2))
Girl 1: I'm good! Busy with work!
Girl 2: That's good.... you work at that restaurant... with Sara right?
Girl 1: Uhm no, I work at a dental office.
Girl 2: Yah that's right... and... you've been dating... someone... for quite a while now. How's he doing?
Girl 1: Noooo I've been single for over a year.
Girl 2: Oh yah sorry... Do you still see Sara a lot?
Girl 1: Who?

Then Girl 1 turns and walks into the Yoga class where both girls got to awkwardly downward dog together.

So what did we learn? If someone recognizes you but you don't recognize them back, do not start spewing out random questions at the person as if they are fact! Just don't do it!

I'm just so full of helpful information. Between this and my lazy tip of the day on Monday... what would you do without me? ;)


  1. i love your blazer and heels with a more casual pant. very chic.

  2. I love your blazer. You look so cute! LOL at that story. Something happened to me that was similar last week. And it was also at the gym! haha. I ran into this guy that I THOUGHT I went to high school with. I Started talking to him for ten minutes and realized that he was looking at me as if I were insane.

    Turned out, it was actually the kids younger brother, who I never met before haha. He just looked a lot like him.


  3. Love your outfit!
    and that's hilarious! I hate when someone says hi to me and I can't remember who they are.

  4. Hehe funny conversation to overhear :) Also, I hear you on the yoga + stress conundrum- it seems to be the first thing I cut out of my schedule when schoolwork gets really intense, but then I realize I need yoga to feel relaxed and centered and actually successfully complete my work!


  5. Hahaha!! Ohhh, that is just awful. But this outfit is anything but! And you do not look haggard, silly girl! You always look great.

  6. definitely a super awkward moment - and glad you didnt say hi. That has happened to me before!

    I love this outfit.

  7. LOL I've said hi to someone when their greeting was meant for someone else :P

    That is kind of an awkward convo - that girl should have just admited she wasn't the girl she thought she was!

    I love how those cargos look on you - your legs are sooo long!

  8. I'm telling you! Ron is getting us a spa package for us after this is all over. We can take that out of petty cash right? ...And backup. ...And with the company debit card.

    Scratch that. I've been pocketing deposits for months now.

    "Caught in the shoot" is just a cover. I'm blackmailing the bank.

    I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.



  9. I don't understand what Chantelle is saying either, but it sounds funny. Umm loving those pants Melissaaaaa. Just tried on a pair like that at Aritzia but couldn't fork out the $80. Boooooo.
    Love the awkward girl story too. Teach me how to be funny?

  10. Haha, that IS awkward.

    And you look beautiful, I doubt you could ever look anything but.

    Hope the stress goes away soon. Being stressed out is no fun. :(

  11. LOL! that is awkward. But entertaining to read!

    You look great, by the way! NOT haggard at all!

    Hope you can relax a little this weekend and that next week is better.


  12. i really like your whole outfit !

  13. That was an awkward conversation. Even when I 100% know someone, I hate to even say their name after hi because I'm afraid I'll get it wrong.


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