I Found some Pictures!

Coat: RW&Co
Top: Zara
Skirt: ModCloth
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Aldo

No no, it's not snowing in Vancouver. It's actually surprisingly sunny and gorgeous today. These pictures are from the last snow fall we had. I found them on my desktop while I was having a mini meltdown because I still feel too weak and sick to enjoy the lovely weather outside. Whine whine whine.

Walking in the cold with wet hair... isn't that something our mothers teach us not to do when we are like 5 years old? Oh well, it took 23 years longer than the other kids but I think I've learned my lesson!


  1. I love this look. It's fun to look back at old pictures. Snow photos are always my favorite.


  2. You always look so sophisticated and glam. What a gorgeous skirt!

  3. you almost had me fooled! i would have believed your photos lol. 4 words - lemon tea with honey.....do it!
    p.s. is that some chanel i see??

  4. love the blue in your trench & belt! very pretty :)

    get better soon! rest & relax!


  5. I love that skirt. I hope you feel better soon. Nothing is worse than a gorgeous day and having the sniffles.

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    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  6. I think you got me sick through the interwebs! Hope we both feel better soon.

    Love your belt-and-skirt combinations.

    Twitter @theloudermouth

  7. Miss Melissa, you're so cute and sweet. Of course we've never met but it comes across and thats what makes me come back. Loving the recipe posts lately!

    Love this outfit. That belt is magic.

  8. You look absolutely stunning love this chic outfit, i have a similar skirt you just inspired me!!!

  9. Get well soon! (I'm sick too. It's not fun.)

  10. Skirt and belt I am looooving! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. I love how sweet this is, but then it's paired with that amazing rockstar belt! Van does look pretty with all that snow, though I'm quite happy it's gone too! Bald tires and Granville hill driving was NOT fun! Though i'd take that over a cold any day! xx

  12. That is a great skirt/belt combo...they compliment you really well!

    I hope you feel better (no matter how sick I get, chocolate always seemed to help..j/k)!

    off by heart style

  13. Hey Melissa!
    I just nominated you for the Stylin' Award on my blog! Yay! :)


  14. But you look SO preeeeeeeeeeeeeetty, so it was worth it! At least that's what my mom always taught me ;)

  15. i love this outfit!! the belt looks fab with the skirt. hope you feel better soon!!


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