Day 22

Day 22 already? I seriously feel like this challenge just started and I only have one week left!

While I loooove that Vancouver has had such amazing weather I am slightly annoyed that this heat wave started the DAY the challenge started. This means that I chose 2 jackets and 2 cardigans, a pair of jeans and a pair of capris that I've only worn when I've forced myself to wear them! Okay, the cardigans are useful but the rest of it would have been replaced with more shorts, tank top and skirts. I kind of think I'm participating in a 26 for 30 challenge ;) Oh well, Vancouver weather has never been predictable. I guess I can't say I'm too surprised!

After work today I ran a couple errands.
First I went to buy a Yoga package. I have contemplated Yoga for a while but my lack of flexibility and inability to stay quiet for longer than 5 minutes always sent me running from the Yoga mat. I just really want to find a way to relax. Are any of you Yoga fans? Any tips would be appreciated!
Next I drove to my Dad's to get my tennis racket. My dad has a gorgeous back yard so I quickly took some outfit pictures while I was there.

I made the mistake of dipping my toes in the water while taking pictures. It was so hot out and the water felt amazing so I did what any sane person would do - I jumped in!
(disclaimer: before I jumped in I went and found a bikini I left in my old room).

I don't know if it was the sun, the pool, or my excitement about learning how to do a downward-facing-dog but today was just a really nice day.
And by the way... I did a little Yoga Pose research and I have a bit of advice for anyone attending a Yoga class. The "corpse pose" is just laying down on a mat. It's not a Yoga pose just because they've given it a fancy name. I'm so helpful. ;)

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