Day 19

You know those outfits that you think you look okay in, until you look at the pictures only to realize you look like a stuffed sausage?

This was the situation with Day 19. It's unfortunate really.

Lessons learned:
1) only wear this green top tucked into something
2) don't wear a cardigan over it
3) As I learned the last time I wore it, don't wear it on hot days.
I do like this top but I'm not a fan of items of clothing that seem to have so many rules and apparently this one should have come with an instructions manual.
Luckily I was a loser who had no exciting plans on a Friday night so not too many people saw me in this fail of an outfit.
Oh well, they can't all be winners!
**Update** Hey! After reading all of your comments I just wanted to explain how this shirt works. This shirt has like 6 layers of fabric and an elastic under the belt. So it's oddly puffy and that's the only belt-able place. I think i'm going to play around with it and see if I can remove a few of the layers which will hopefully help it sit better.. and hopefully cure the 'stuffed sausage' feeling ;) Thanks for all your feedback. You are all so lovely :)