Day 19

You know those outfits that you think you look okay in, until you look at the pictures only to realize you look like a stuffed sausage?

This was the situation with Day 19. It's unfortunate really.

Lessons learned:
1) only wear this green top tucked into something
2) don't wear a cardigan over it
3) As I learned the last time I wore it, don't wear it on hot days.
I do like this top but I'm not a fan of items of clothing that seem to have so many rules and apparently this one should have come with an instructions manual.
Luckily I was a loser who had no exciting plans on a Friday night so not too many people saw me in this fail of an outfit.
Oh well, they can't all be winners!
**Update** Hey! After reading all of your comments I just wanted to explain how this shirt works. This shirt has like 6 layers of fabric and an elastic under the belt. So it's oddly puffy and that's the only belt-able place. I think i'm going to play around with it and see if I can remove a few of the layers which will hopefully help it sit better.. and hopefully cure the 'stuffed sausage' feeling ;) Thanks for all your feedback. You are all so lovely :)


  1. I think you look beautiful. That green top is great and it's such a pretty color on you.

    I know how you feel when the outfit just isn't right. I had one of those days this week!

  2. I don't think this outfit is necessarily a miss - it's just not a homerun ;)

    I think if maybe the belt were a little wider, or maybe if it were up on your ribcage, that would help. Or even just loose! I just really like this top, haha!

  3. I think it looks great, but I know sometimes an outfit just doesn't feel right. Maybe a more fitted cardigan would work better with the belt on the outside? I dunno.

  4. i dont think this outfit is as bad as you made it seem! the color is gorgeous on you! there's just something slightly off.. maybe belt it higher and make it more of a babydoll fit? or belted on the outside of the cardi like angeline suggests?
    either way, not a total fail! and i love your heels :)

  5. I don't think you look anything like stuffed meat :)

  6. I think you look fine, but I know what you mean about feeling not right in an outfit. I think that being comfortable and confident in an outfit has a ton to do with how well an outfit is pulled off...great color though :)


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