Day 9

I know I know.. you don't have to say it. My simple style may be crossing over into boring-ville.

But that's the way I like it!

I don't have enough hair to pull off a headband with a huge bow, so I wore one with a mini little bow.

If you look at my 30 pieces I had a ruffly black top in the mix. When I went to put it on the other day I noticed one of the seams at the chest was coming undone. I only included it in my 30 as a black basic piece and since I didn't think accessorizing this outfit with a flash of my boob was appropriate, I just swapped it for a boring old navy black tank.

I bought this skirt at a boutique when I was with my cousin Alicia. It was at that same store she found her zebra shirt she rocked at a recent concert! What a stylish little remixer she is.

My favourite part of this skirt is the button detailing on the side and when I bought it I was obsessed that it had pockets. I bought it before the whole pocket craze started so a skirt with pockets was rare. I was so trendy :p

So that is day 9! Such a fun day wasn't it?
Want to hear a quick funny story about this skirt before I go? When I saw Finn from Glee recently, I told Mike I was mostly excited because I have never seen a celebrity before! It was then he reminded me of the night I met Aidan from Sex and the City. John Corbett was suuuper drunk when I spoke with him so I didn't have the best impression but I still love him.
So, long story short, I assumed this was a lucky celebrity spotting skirt. Since then I have been very disappointed with the lack of celebrities i've met while wearing it. Just now while taking these pictures in my back yard I didn't meet a single celebrity. How upsetting.

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