Day 5

I had today off work so I was really excited to sleep in! Unfortunately I was woken up really early by someone from my work... even more unfortunate is that I had emailed specifying that I be contacted about this particular issue today so the phone call was technically my fault. I guess I just didn't realize it would be so early in the morning. No sleep means cranky Melissa.

Tonight Mike and I went to dinner and then walked to English Bay. When we were at dinner we ended up sitting a few tables away from Corey Monteith (Finn from Glee! eeeep!). I love Glee so was obviously really excited that we were so close to him, but I decided not to look like a crazy stalker and I didn't go over. I think Mike deserves a pat on the back for being so patient with me during Corey watch 2010 (aka dinner).
The heat wave cooled a bit tonight so I grabbed a tea for our walk on the beach for a mild caffeinated kick.

My Day 5 outfit doesn't really reflect any creativity but it does show my talent for finding cute dresses at boutiques in Yaletown. 

I was originally wearing my silver shoes but for our walk I wore my comfy sandals.

Good night loves :)