My 30 items

Monday is the start of the 30 for 30 challenge. When I first started reading Kendi's blog she was in the middle of the original 30 for 30. It was something she challenged herself with during a 'no shopping month'. Only wearing 30 of the items in your closet (jackets AND shoes included) for 30 days? Is that even possible? Well Kendi proved that not only was it possible but you could look amazing while doing it. This time around she challenged her stalkers... uh.. blog readers to join in on the fun. Information on the 30 for 30 remix is right here.

I would like to quickly say that I am not accepting this challenge to try to pretend i'm really fashion forward. I enjoy fashion and that's why i've mixed it into my blog a bit.

I am getting involved in this challenge for a few reasons.

1) There is a shopping ban involved. Enough said.

2) To prove to myself that I don't "need" to buy those new shoes that are just slightly different then the shoes I already own but obviously better. I just want them and I'm being silly

3) I also want to prove to myself that I can survive with the clothes that are in my closet and I don't need something new every time I get dressed especially since I have numerous unworn items hanging in my closet already.
Which is how I chose most of my 30 items. Most of them are clothes that I so desperately needed at the time but abandoned in my closet right after purchasing them. Or clothes that I wore once and got bored of immediately (my A.D.D kicks in at the darnedest times).
Unfortunately this may have resulted in my 30 items having some pretty bold colours or patterns that will most likely be a huge pain to put into outfits but oh well.. that's why they call it a challenge right? And if on day 30 I end up wearing high waisted shorts over jeans so be it. Maybe i'll start a new trend ;)

And now for my choices!!

Sorry if the quality of these pictures isn't amazing. You'll be able to see the items better when I wear them over and over and over again in the next 30 days. If you don't hate these items by the end I haven't done my job!
Oh and please feel free to leave lots of comments encouraging me (aka making fun of how boring or crazy my outfits are). I'm not as good at this as some of the others participating but i'll do my best! Or i'll give up and wear my workout clothes and pajamas to dinner since according to the rules they aren't included in the 30 items.. and i'm aaalll about the rules ;)
Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Oo, good luck! You should do fine, you have some amazing clothes picked out here.

    And ahh, I have always wanted that grey shop ruche skirt but they have sold out of my size :(


  2. Link fixed!

    Your items look perfect for this challenge! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks for joining in :)

    xo -- Kendi

  3. It looks like you have some good picks!

  4. I'm so excited to see how you style these! You chose really cute items. :)

  5. I like what you chose! Can't wait to see all the remixes with this selection.

  6. Love your picks! Can't wait to see what you mix with them, or else I can't wait to see all of us wearing our gym clothes with our favorite heels 2 weeks from now. I am all about the rules too! Good luck!!! =)

  7. I was so tempted to do this challenge, but didn't end up signining up, as I've already been 3 weeks on my shopping ban! Your items look great, and I'm excited to see what you come up with! Good luck!

  8. I love all the clothes that you've picked out. I wish I could join in on the challenge but its such bad timing for me.

  9. hi there! i found your blog through kendi's site. you have some great pieces for remixing. i'm excited to see how you remix the romper! this is going to be lots of fun. :)


  10. you've done a great job so far! keep it up!


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