Day 2

Well hello day 2. So nice of you to bring the sun with you today. Such an insanely gorgeous day out. Too bad I had no fun plans after work. Bellini's on a patio somewhere would have been just lovely.
Instead I am home continuing to organize my stuff. I am downsizing. That's right, I finally admit I have way too many items of clothing I do not wear so I am using this 30 for 30 as an opportunity to cleanse my closet for real. I'm actually having anxiety about it!

And nothing helps anxiety on a hot day like this like a Popsicle. Today I decided to wear my romper under my high wasted shorts. It was my first time wearing the romper and I really liked how this turned out! The only thing is, the shorts part of the romper made me kind of feel like I was wearing a diaper under my shorts. Not a deal breaker but not a feeling i'm used to... yet.

Oh, and something I learned that I wanted to pass along to my blogger friends: When you are wearing a romper under shorts, keep in mind that when using the bathroom you have to fully strip down. I can honestly say today was the first time I sat in a public washroom in a bra with my entire outfit around my ankles.

I know as this challenge progresses, I am going to have to use belts and other accessories to make these 30 pieces look more exciting.

Thank you so so sooo much for all your amazing comments so far! Blogger is acting up so most of the comments aren't showing up, but I am able to read them in my email and they have brought such a smile to my face :)

I am trying my hardest to visit all the blogs of everyone participating but there are just so many!
Day 2 down... so many more to go!

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  1. Love your day 2...that romper is tres cute :)

  2. Those high waisted shorts are great! Looking forward to the rest of your outfits (I'm doing the challenge too).

    - V from The Sweet Roads

  3. Some of my comments aren't showing up either, it's damn annoying! I'm like ahhh... what am I missing!

    You look so great! I love that romper and those shorts + shoes look really good together. It's worth having to strip off to go the bathroom to look this cute, hahah.


  4. Hi melissa thx for your comment on my blog!

    i love rompers but i agree they re the most impractical thing sometimes. Still, I love them although i'm not sure i could be too comfortable with them underneath another pair of shorts! regardless, love your floral "top" in the outfit.

    will be adding your blog to my blog roll!

  5. I really liked that you already "remixed" an item into something it wasn't specifically designed for. :) And your heels are to die for. Keep up the creativity. :)

  6. Great idea with the romper! I love the print of it and it looks fantastic with the black shorts. The heels are awesome, too!

  7. Caaauuuuuute!

    Love the idea of this challenge. It's sort of like what you do when you go on vacation, isn't it? Figure out which pieces you're going to remix for however long.

    Such a fun one!


  8. what a cute outfit...
    i really loved your shorts...will I find on of this here in Brazil?!hmmmm

  9. I was thinking "What a pretty blouse" when I saw your pictures. I think it is pretty creative to use your romper this way! :)

  10. How cute is this?! I never thought of pairing a romper with shorts, so that's cool.

  11. Your outfits are so cute, I simply have to follow!

  12. Love the shorts and the way you turned your romper into a shirt!

  13. Alicia: Thanks love

    V: Thanks and good luck on the challenge, i'll be stopping by to see your looks!

    Eleanor: Yeah, the occassional cute outfit that requires a bathroom strip down isn't a huge deal :p

    Liv: That's so nice of you! I've also linked you on my blog xo

    DW: Thank you. Trust me though, there are going to be maaany not creative days ;)

    Melissa: Thank you so much! I'm glad I finally wore the romper.

    Kelsey: And with this gorgeous weather it FEELS like vacation. Aside from this whole going to work every day thing ;)

    Senhorita: I'm sure high waisted shorts are available in Brazil! And i'm sure you'd look great in them!

    Ady: Thank you! I'm trying to get creative when I can, so I can be lazy the rest of the time ;)

    Daily Fashionista: Thank you! And as i've said to some others... i'm only trying to be creative now so on lazy days I can wear shorts and a tank and call it a day hehe.

    Liz: Thank you! I'll be checking out your blog as well :)

    Fia: Thanks so much. Now let's see if I have the guts to wear the romper alone!

    Thanks everyone xoxo


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