Day 17


Dear Neighbors,
You have seen me take pictures of my outfit now for 10 of the last 17 days. You have stared out your windows and peaked over your fences in hopes of figuring out what this self involved neighbor girl of yours is doing.
I hate to break it to you but I'm doing exactly what you think I am doing. I am turning on the self timer on my camera, placing it on a fence and taking a picture of my outfit. I am not doing anything scandalous that you can gossip about with the other bored neighbors when you take out the garbage.
So please, stop finding excuses to go outside while I am taking my pictures because I end up getting distracted when I see you trying to spy on me and it takes me a whole 5 minutes longer to take my pictures... 5 minutes I won't be getting back.


I needed to wear my pencil skirt before I got really frustrated that I included it in my 30 pieces.
Paired with my romper I felt really cute and very over dressed but oh well. As my cousin Alicia has asked recently... When did Vancouverites start dressing so casual?

Hoop earrings are from Fine Finds
.Belt and clutch are from Plum and I love them both. I admit that even though I bought this belt ages ago this is one of the first times I've worn it. Is it sad that a simple belt like this makes me feel too done up? I think I need accessory therapy!.
Now I'm watching 500 Days of Summer and re-falling in love with love. I'm a romance addict.

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  1. That clutch is adorable. Tell your neighbors it would be easier for them to just follow your blog. That way you get to keep your five minutes all to yourself.

  2. I love the open letter to the neighbors, hilarious!! :)

    And as for the 500 Days of Summer...I love it, til the end, I just want them to get together! He's such a sweetie and a cutie!

  3. oooh, a skirt over a romper?!?! Creative layering! I don't own a romper - I keep grabbing one to try on, but then I think about how I'd have to get completely undressed to use the bathroom. So then I think (without fail, everytime I look at a romper) they should make rompers with skirts on the bottom instead of shorts. Then I realize that is called a dress.

  4. Gosh I love that clutch! :)

    You look so amazing!

  5. last week as i was taking a picture outside my place, my neighbor started walking down the stairs. i quickly grabbed the tripod and ran back inside... waited until they left and went back out. how sad!

    anyways, those are some great accessories! i have a black pencil skirt in the 30 pieces too that i haven't touched yet either! good pairing.

  6. lol love your open letter to your neighbours - do they read your blog =P?

    I think your outfit is just perfect in the summer - not too formal. you're right that vancouverites do tend to dress down, maybe a bit too much sometimes. blame it on our active westcoast lifestyles.

    I love that clutch - lovely colour and texture.

    aw thx for your comments on my blog - you're too sweet.

  7. Oh, how I love this! Really, really love it.

    I think it's a great summer outfit and it makes me want to try wearing my pencil skirt sometime on the weekend in a non-work setting.

    The skinny straps on the romper (super creative layering, by the way) make it a little more casual and maybe some flat sandals would do that even more too, though I do love the shoes you're wearing!


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