Day 15

Yay! Halfway done the challenge!

Today ended up being a super busy day so I didn't get a lot of pics of my outfit that I like, but oh well, they give you a decent enough idea!

I bought this flower from a craft store, cut off the stem and pinned it to my dress. Ta da! Inexpensive flower broach!

This is my second time wearing this dress during this challenge and I wasn't sure if I had changed it up enough with these different accessories. But when I arrived at my family BBQ both my sister and cousin who read my blog asked me if this dress had been worn yet. Success! Apparently a huge purple flower makes this dress look all shiny and new! Or I have really unobservant relatives... whichever!

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  1. The flower looks great, how very crafty of you! I have a similar one in pink - this has inspired me to dig it out :) You look great!


    PS. I always over-eat at family gatherings... oh well, the tummy ache is worth it for all the deliciousness!

  2. Awww you and your sister look so much alike!

    Your dress is lovely. And... I don't remember seeing it before, but I'm really not very observant, haha. :(

  3. I don't remember seeing this dress before either! Epic win for you!

    I love the idea of pinning a flower to it, just to change things up and what a crafty way for you to do that!

    All of you girls look beautiful in that group shot, what a wonderful picture keepsake.


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