Day 13

Day 13 was another gorgeous day in Vancouver.

Mike and I spent some time relaxing in the sun at English Bay with our books and some iced coffees. Back in June we attended a wedding of Mikes good friend Ryan. He hadn't seen Ryan or his wife Nora since the wedding so when they invited us over for a BBQ it seemed like a perfect way to spend the evening.

I couldn't resist wearing my yellow top again! It's just so cheerful and seems really appropriate with this sun!

How is everyone doing on their remixes so far? I spent some time the other night putting together some outfit ideas so I hopefully won't go into a mad panic the last few days of the challenge. Nah, I'll still be a mad panic but maybe with a little less crying ;)



  1. That yellow top is so perfect, and those hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  2. Love the shorts! Yeah, I know what you mean by mad panic towards the end-- I think I'm gonna have to make some sort of chart--lol!

  3. Summer simplicity at it's best! I love this! It's so fun to see everyone partaking in the challenge!

  4. The yellow top with the purple flowers behind you look fantastic! I'm wanting to wear my silk michael kors blue top I wore on Day 1 again soon also!


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