commercial break

I hope you all had an amazing New Years! Mine wasn't what I expected but that's how life goes sometimes! I'm pretty excited to show you my Christmas gift... A new camera! Hurrah! I am so excited and feel so lucky to have a fancy new camera but I am still trying to get everything organized for the new year so I haven't really used it yet.

I will be back to my regular programming next week but until then I might still be around posting random ramblings and photos of me taking photos. A whole slew of life changes, a busy work month, the holidays and a cold all packed into December has turned the beginning of 2013 into a bit of a catch up time and if I don't get organized now I will spend this entire year complaining to all of you.

Consider this a blog commercial break... but the kind of commercial break that used to happen before you had the ability to fast forward through them. The kind where you would stare blankly at the tv annoyed until your tv show came back on. I am really selling this whole break thing aren't I?

 Have a great week!