jeans & flats & band-aids

The two questions I am getting asked the most right now are "do you ever wear jeans" and "do you ever wear flats". I admittedly wore a lot of skirts this summer (what can I say, I went through a skirt phase) and I do tend to photograph outfits that are styled with heels so I understand why these questions get asked. I assure all of you that I am a jeans girl at heart and during the colder months you will see more and more of them. As for flats? I don't usually wear them unless I am walking around the city because I have short little legs so I feel better in heels. I've also had a lot of trouble finding stylish flats that are also comfortable. I tend to get tricked by the fact that the shoe has no heels and automatically assume they will be suitable for walking. Wrong. So very wrong. I end up with feet covered with blisters and band-aids. So far this Seychelles pair is passing the band-aid test so they might get put into my regular walking shoe rotation...

I'm the only one who judges my shoes by how many band-aids they result in me wearing, aren't I?