Radio Debut

{Wearing: Spendid Blouse (c/o), UO Skirt, JCrew Necklace (via ebay), Zara Pumps & Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag}

I know, I know. I'm just as confused as to why I'm not a professional model as you are.

I just wanted to stop in and quickly post to tell you all that I didn't completely humiliate myself when I was on the radio Sunday night! Hurray! You can listen to my radio debut here (I was on august 19th) or you can download the podcast if you click the download link to the left. I start talking at the 12:40 point if you are just listening to it (the time goes counts down) and the 34 minute point on the podcast but I would like to make it very clear that I was a guest on the Sunday Night Sex Show. I hope that makes it clear what the shows topics are about. The conversation shifts when I start talking and is pretty fashion/confidence focused but up until that point (I'm talking the seconds before) the topics really live up to the show's name. You've been warned ;)