Patio Weather

{Wearing: Club Monaco Top, H&M Shorts, Matt & Nat Clutch, Barefoot Contessa Necklace, Steve Madden Pumps}

I started writing this post saying how much I've been loving this amazing Vancouver weather. Then I went on to say that I've been spending many of these gorgeous evenings sitting on patios with girlfriends enjoying some summer cocktails. Then I was worried that it was going to look like I was drinking too much so I went on to defend myself by saying that I usually only have one or two, I'm normally not much of a drinker and I would never drink and drive. Then I was concerned that I was getting too defensive and that was just confirming my guilt as a sangria and mojito addict so I decided not to talk about that.

What's your go-to cocktail to enjoy during this perfect patio weather? I am thinking about trying sangria and a mojito for the first time ever soon... (best cover up ever)