This Story May Not Have a Point

{Wearing: Lulu*s Dress, Sterling Sandals, Zara Bag, Coach Sunglasses, Barefoot Contessa Necklace}

When I was younger my family did a little bit of moving around. We spent 3 years in Victoria and 3 years in Edmonton. When we moved to Victoria I was in kindergarten so I only have a few memories of those years but one of those memories is from when we were moving into our house. My sister (who is 18 months older than I am) and I were told we could select which bedroom we wanted. Out of the two we were able to choose from, there was one that was a bit bigger and had pretty blue carpet and another that was smaller and had ugly brown carpet. The unique thing about both of these bedrooms is that they had sinks in them which wouldn't make a difference in selecting rooms other than the fact that the previous owners had left an old bar of soap by the sink of the uglier bedroom. My older sister convinced me, her gullible little sister, to take the bad bedroom because it came with an awesome bar of soap.

My mom obviously threw the soap away and all I was left with was the crappy bedroom.

The point of my story is that when you take away the statement necklace from my outfit all you are left with is this crappy dress. Wait, no. Okay I can't exactly remember why I told you this story but it had something to do with the statement necklace changing the look of the dress. Just like the bar of soap... changed the look of the bedroom... The point of the story was that my sister was mean to me when we were kids (sorry Jessica, I lost the point of my story somewhere along the line so you're going to have to take one for the team here).