When Bees Attack

 {Wearing: J.Crew Blouse, Asos Skirt, TopShop Pumps, Marc by Marc Jacob Bag, Fossil Watch, Anjolee Bracelet (c/o), Keltie Leanne Designs Coco Bracelet (c/o)}

 If you follow me on Instagram (missmelissa_k) then you would have seen a sneak peek from this outfit shoot last week (and if you're not following me on instagram... well... shame on you). I posted one of the photos from this shoot because I found it funny. Let me walk you through what happened.

See those lovely flowers I am standing next to? Well, they were the home to a large number of bees. Bees are the one thing in this entire world I'm not allergic to so I ignored them flying around and kept on posing for photos.

Then, I realized the buzzing had gotten really loud and there were bees in my hair.

(Disclaimer: It may have only been one bee in my hair but for the sake of this story being a little less boring, we are going to say bees. Plural. Invisible bees that are very dangerous but don't show up on film. Vampire bees perhaps. Vampires don't show up in photos do they?)

And I made this face.

And then I did what any rational, intelligent person would do when a swarm of invisible vampire bees are flying in their hair. I ducked.

I'm sure that ducking would save my life in numerous situations. But when bees, that are very capable of flying at various altitudes, attack? Yah....


Now, in order to make myself look smarter, I'm going to get off the computer and go do some math.