{Wearing: Zara Top (old), Modcloth Skirt (old), Matt & Nat Clutch, H&M Belt, Top Shop Pumps, Fossil Multifunction Watch}

This weekend was a 3 day weekend for me so it was a little disappointing when I woke up Friday morning with a cold. I had a pretty laid back weekend planned so I spent most of it resting and napping. Now that I am feeling better I have realized that I need more naps in my life. I always considered them a waste of time but in reality they are a glorious waste of time. I just need to get better at napping. On the rare occasion I do take a nap it takes me the amount of time I had intended on napping to fall asleep and when I do wake up I'm groggy and sleepy. I need to get better at passing out quickly and waking up after 30 minutes refreshed. I am well aware that I just need more practice at napping and am fully committed to taking as many naps as I need to in order to master the process. Practice starts today after work. Or during. Whichever.