I'm Way Past Writer's Block

{Wearing: H&M Coat, Aritzia Blouse, H&M Skirt, Matt & Nat Belt, Zara Boots, Coach Lindsey Bag}

Photos by Cara

Okay this whole writer's block thing is getting out of control. In this case it isn't even writer's block... it's brain function block. I am literally at a point of exhaustion after this weekend. I worked all weekend and made the horrible decision to keep an active social life at the same time - something I am apparently way too old for. Add to that losing an hour of sleep and not even red bull can keep me going.

With that said, a whiny blogger is a boring blogger so I will do my best to be rested and happy by my next post (read: I won't be posting again until after my vacation in May. Kidding! I'll be good by Wednesday)