My Blog is Educational

(t.babaton Dress via Aritzia, Kate Spade Leena Pumps, Barefoot Contessa Bag, Club Monaco Necklace}

Photos by Cara

I have been complaining lately that I've been really uninspired by my own wardrobe. I blamed the upcoming transition into a new season, the weather, not shopping blah blah blah. Mostly I've just been really whiny.

It turns out, that this entire time the solution to my problem has been right under my nose.

All I had to do was... wait for it... hang up my clothes.

I have a table outside my closet and that's where 99% of my wardrobe has been piled for almost a month now. Shockingly I had a tough time picking out outfits from within the pile. So there is my tip of the day: hang up your clothes and it's easier to pick out outfits. 

Don't say I've never taught you anything.