{Wearing: H&M Dress & Belt, Kate Spade Leena Pumps}

Photos by Cara

I picked up these gorgeous Kate Spade Leena's on sale and have been holding them hostage until Spring. I know you're probably sick of us Vancouver bloggers complaining about the rain but I just didn't want to risk ruining them by wearing them in bad weather! I was so honored when I was asked by Flare to share what shoes I'm looking forward to wearing this Spring and I knew I had to showcase these sparkly beauties. Of course it poured rain the day I wore them (resulting in dark photos and a lot of jumping over puddles) but there is a 97% chance it will rain every day in June anyways so it was actually kind of appropriate.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I've been extremely busy at work so I can't wait for a weekend off. I have been trying to fill my evenings and days off with my girlfriends so the next few days are packed with girly goodness (read: shopping, lattes and reeeaaally unhealthy food).