{Wearing: H&M faux fur vest, Plum Jacket, Club Monaco Blouse, Gap Jeans, Aldo Pumps, Coach Lindsey Bag}

Photos by Cara

I almost didn't buy this faux fur vest because I assumed I'd never wear it. Turns out that was the only time in my entire life I have ever been wrong (ha!) because I wear it all the time. I have been alternating between this vest and my blue coat trying to keep warm this winter. If I'm not careful my sister might ban me from wearing them like she did when I was in grade 5 and she banned me from wearing a headband that I had been wearing every day for a year. Since then she has pretty much left me alone and hasn't thrown any more fashion interventions... Which was really too bad when I went through my purple sweatsuit phase of '94 or my huge earring phase of '95 without any argument. Way to drop the ball sis!