Keeping Warm

{Wearing: Zara Coat, Aritzia Scarf, Gap Jeans, Zara Boots, Coach Bag, Joe Fresh Toque c/o}

Photos by Cara

So here you have it! What I wore during Vancouver's cold spell (literally the entire time, except I changed my underwear and socks). Oh, and I was wearing gloves while prancing in the snow and in these photos my gloves were in my pocket. Can I just say that while most of me was comfy and warm my legs were freezing? Jeans are horrible in the cold. I realize this every year but assume the following year my jeans will get their act together and start warming my legs up.

I am going to invent the following jeans to prevent future leg frost bite:
Fleece lined jeans. (I just googled them, they already exist)
Sweat pant lined jeans.
Hot water bottle lined jeans.
Bubble wrap lined jeans (these have nothing to do with being cold but I think they'd come in handy when I walk into my coffee table).

Don't bother copying those ideas. Talking about them in a blog post is the same as patenting the idea.