Men Confusing Clothes

{Wearing: Club Monaco Blouse, H&M Faux Fur Vest, American Apparel Pants, Aldo Pumps, Fossil Mulifunction Watch, Ring c/o Social Experiment, Coach Lindsey Bag}

Photos by Cara

So it turns out my closet is full of men confusing clothes. I'm not trendy enough to be a full man repeller but I love clothes that men are confused by. Maxi skirts, midi skirts, blouses that tie at the neck, high waisted pants, faux fur... they just don't make sense to men. Jeans and a t-shirt. That makes sense. Mini skirts. That makes perfect sense. Covering up every inch of your body and then throwing on a faux fur vest? Confusing.
On this very windy day I decided to confuse the male gender by doing just that. Aside from my shoes, I probably repelled every guy in Vancouver with this outfit. But do you know who would love the fact that I'm covered up everywhere but my neck? The cast of Twilight. Just sayin'.