A Case of the Lazies

{Wearing: H&M Sweater (old), American Apparel Skirt c/o TeamBuy, Plum Bag, Aldo Pumps}
Photos taken by Cara

I took the week after Christmas off work and was suuuper lazy. It helped that I was sick for most of the week so I had an excuse for rarely leaving the couch but regardless I didn't really do much. Now that I am trying to get back into the swing of things I'm finding it difficult to shake the lazies. As I get dressed I stare at my sweat pants with puppy dog eyes and miss their coziness. Since I've already shared that I consider maxi skirts to be my favorite sweat pant replacement option and this sequin H&M sweater is as comfy as a bedazzled house coat, this outfit was a perfect pj replacement. (For the record, I didn't wear heels for very long. My flat boots were waiting for me in my car). 

What's your go-to comfy outfit when you're suffering from a case of the lazies?