My I-don't-think-I'm-a-model Poses

{Wearing: Gap Blazer, American Apparel Top, J Brand Jeans, Banana Republic Pumps, Modcloth Scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag}
Photos taken by Cara

You can tell when I am in a public place taking photos because I whip out my three "I don't think I'm a model" poses. People passing by don't always bother me, but when they do, these poses help me feel less like a wannabe model in their judgmental eyes.

Pose #1 says: I don't think I'm a model. I'm just standing in front of my favourite gate and I want a photo of it

Pose #2 says: I am just going to adjust my purse here and oh shoot, my friend accidentally took a photo of it. darn.

Pose #3 says: I think I have something on the back of my shoe here... let me just check before we go... oh no, another accidental photo... that's too bad.

I don't even mean to whip out those poses... It's my survival instinct.

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