To Do

{Wearing: Vintage Blazer, Vintage Sweater c/o Shoppalu, American Apparel Pants, Zara Loafers, Coach Bag, Vintage Brooches, Ring c/o Social Experiment}

I still can't believe Christmas is so close. I have a huge list of Christmas activities that I want to complete but I can't seem to find time for any of them. The only thing I've had time for is eating sugar cookies and crying over my lack of will power. Just kidding, I don't cry, I just eat more cookies to mask those negative feeling. 'Tis the season! No but seriously, I really don't understand how I can never find time to complete any task on my to-do list but can always find time to sit and play around on pinterest for hours. I thought I might need to re-calibrate my priorities but then I realized all I needed was a new to-do list.

Not to brag but I checked every single one of those tasks off that list.