Winnipeg in Classy Photos

 We started in downtown Winnipeg, ventured out to the farm, drove out to his families home on the lake and then ended the week back in the city. While all of Mike's family was amazing, I had the most amazing few days on the farm. The people, the relaxation, playing tourist, stuffing my face with delicious food... even my allergies didn't interrupt my fun.

Am I the only one melting over the kitten and dog? I took like 300 photos of animals on the farm and 3 of people. 200 of the animal photos were of the kittens, 99 were of the dogs and 1 was of a horse peeing.  Mike took more pictures of the horses not doing their business though, so I posted one of those for you. Miss Melissa is too classy for a horse peeing photo.

Psst... Start Saving

The Dakota Group Fall Sample Sale is coming up...

Will I be seeing you there?

Wearing: Dress from Urban Rack, Banana Republic Shoes, Vintage Clutch

Today started off on a stressful note when I realized my car had a flat tire (I may have realized this while driving, turns out a flat tire sounds horrible). So now I'm annoyed and not feeling very chatty.

I've realized that taking a week off of work results in a really stressful following couple weeks so I'm doing the best not to go completely bonkers.

Luckily last night I got a couple things done that I have been wanting to do for a little while now (including a fall fashion inspiration board) so I am feeling good about that.

Okay, that's all the talking you get. I need a coffee and a dozen cookies asap.