Birthday Cake

 Does anything scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY more than this adorable face?

Wearing: Zara top, H&M Skirt, Banana Republic Earrings

Kristi was unable to make it to Subeez on Sunday (babysitters are hard to come by) so I invited them to lunch with my Mom on Monday! My mom refuses to be photographed so Isabel made for some enjoyable picture taking. They also arrived with mini cupcakes! Trying to keep those away from Isabel was quite the task but I didn't want to be responsible for baby's first sugar high.

Monday evening was dinner with my Dad and siblings. The one thing I love about birthdays is that it's an excuse to get far more dressed up then needed for a dinner out. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way!

Wearing: Zara dress, Sterling shoes

My mom has been dabbling in cake decorating and has gotten really great at it! She made me a fashion themed cake to bring to dinner which I thought was adorable. It also tasted amazing (the purse was confetti cake and the shoe box was chocolate).

Now that I've posted all of my pictures my birthday is officially over. Shucks! I had the most amazing weather on Monday but on Tuesday the skies turned grey. I have been going crazy wanting to shop for clothing for fall but I know I need to do an inventory of my closet before I do so. Now all I need is the motivation to sort through clothes. I wonder if I could get some girlfriends over to help me if I bribe them with wine?