Old Lady Chic

Wearing: Vintage Dress and Brooches, Banana Republic Pumps

Today's glow in the dark hair is brought to you by the sun. You know what they say, it's all fun and games until someone's hair glows in the dark... or something to that effect. I recently decided to go even lighter blonde than usual and this was my first set of photos since. The result of extra blonde hair and the sun? Glow in the dark hair. And I got it for the same price as regular blonde hair. Aren't I lucky?

Now, onto the matter at hand. Belts. Or lack there of in this case. I'm a fan of belts but sometimes they can break up the flow of a dress and I'd rather not wear one. Unfortunately this dress has an elastic waist that I'm not a huge fan of so I was torn as to whether or not to cover it. To belt or not to belt.

I decided to forget the belt and pin on a couple vintage brooches instead. Nothing distracts from an elastic waist better than shiny brooches. It also adds an element of old lady chic which I love.

And where did I wear this dress? To have dinner with some lovely bloggers last night. I didn't pull out my camera (blogger fail) but a couple of the other girls did so I will post any photos from dinner when I get them.

Happy Wednesday!