For once in my life I am admitting that I have a closet full of clothes I am really excited to wear and yet I'm not wearing them. Isn't that tragic? I take full blame. Well, partial blame. I feel the need to partially blame the renovations going on at my work for taking up so much of my time and also I need to partially blame the Vancouver weather. The rest of the blame can be put on me.

I just haven't felt motivated to take pictures of anything. From this point on I am promising all of you lovely readers that I will be taking the camera out of my purse no matter what to get some outfit photos. Or at least photos of me eating which is all I seem to be doing these days. So thanks for not abandoning me during my time of lazy.

Until then, here are some pictures from my "Inspiration Folder". You might notice that there are a few bloggers that have inspiring the pants off me lately.

Who have you been inspired by this summer? (although in Vancouver, I use the word summer very loosely)

 MK & A Olsen

Olivia Palermo