A little update

I feel like there are three different types of bloggers. The ones who don't share any personal information at all which leaves you intrigued and tempted to stalk them (example). Then there are the bloggers who over share and you end up knowing the details of very personal moments that you really didn't want to know (no example, that'd be mean).

I try to be in the third group (the middle one). I'm willing to share my last name, way too many pictures of myself and a video of me standing on my head but that's where I draw the line. Which is why I haven't shared too too much when I am feeling sick.

I know what you are thinking, everyone gets sick so stop whining! I am not talking about getting a cold or the flu. I have nicknamed myself Medical Mystery Melissa. Aside from having severe asthma and allergies, I have a mystery illness which no one can diagnose. It's not as serious as I'm making it seem (apparently I'm dramatic) but it can really knock me down when it's acting up. I thought it was another food allergy but that doesn't seem to be it. Blood tests have come up negative as have the other ideas people have thrown at me (celiac disease).

Anyways, I just started on some natural medicines which I'm hoping will make me feel back to normal. I just wanted to let you know that I'll blog as often as I can but it's not easy to take photos of yourself when you feel so tired, in pain and uncomfortable in your own skin.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I do have pictures of a baby shower I went to so I'll be posting those soon. xo