Rule Breaker

Blazer & Scarf: Gap
Sweater: F21
Jeans: True Value Vintage
Boots: Payless
Bag: Plum

If you are against mixing navy & black or black & brown then avert your eyes... because I just did both.

This outfit is a plethora of rule breaking and I love it.

I haven't always been such a rebel. I used to be really matchy matchy. If I wore white shoes my purse had to be white. If I wanted to wear brown shoes I couldn't have black in my outfit. When I was in grade 7 I owned a purple sweatsuit and I refused to wear the sweat shirt and sweat pants separately. After all, if I didn't wear both purple pieces together I'd just look plain ridiculous.

I actually remember the first time I read in a fashion magazine that your purse and shoes could be different colours. I assumed it was a typo.

I'm happy that I've grown as a person and I'm able to clash with pride. Now if only I could grow enough as a person to be able to stop procrastinating doing the dishes... now that would be something to blog about.