Listening to Books

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I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I have to drive a LOT. I don't mind driving but it does take up a lot of my time. Now that it's illegal for me to talk on the phone, text and check email while stuck in traffic (just kidding, I obviously never did any of those really unsafe things) I feel like I waste a lot of time while sitting in my car.

While at a coffee date with my cousin Alison before she headed back to school, she suggested that I try listening to books on "tape" while driving. SO much better than my idea to read while driving.

The lovely Lindsey recommended that I read "The Happiness Project" so I quickly purchased it on iTunes and loaded it onto my ipod.

Turns out, listening to a book while driving is genius! Time just flies by and I'm much less annoyed by other drivers on the road. It's also a plus that I'm really enjoying this book.

I'm going to be needing recommendations for new books to buy soon so that's where you all come in. Do you have any favourite books you think I should read? I'm open to any suggestions as long as they aren't super depressing or slow books... I don't need help falling asleep at the wheel!

Alright loves, let's hear it. What are your favourite books?

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