Health & Fitness Feature: Introduction

With January coming to an end, I thought this would be the perfect time to evaluate my New Years progress! While I didn’t make any formal resolutions, I was pretty convinced that 2011 would be the year where I would suddenly become extremely motivated and organized. Progress update: Doing okay with the organization... doing not so great at staying motivated.
In an attempt to get re-motivated, I spent a disturbing amount of money on health magazines (women’s health, shape, self, fitness and any gossip magazine promising weight loss secrets), plopped myself down on the couch with a bag of m&m’s and started reading (don’t worry, the magic weight loss secret that I was bound to discover in one of those magazines would help me take care of the inevitable m&m weight).

Half way through the magazines I realized two things.

1) There is really nothing motivating about staring at a model in a bikini (at least not for me).

2) I’m not looking for a magical weight loss secret. I just want to be motivated to stay healthy and active.

The women I am motivated by are the women in my life. So I would just have to use my friends and the amazing bloggers I have come to know as motivation. Easy, right?

Not so much. This is a horrible time of year for me. Not only do I have to worry about winter pounds sneaking up on me but the gloomy weather makes my mind all negative and I over think everything. (refer to my last couple posts for proof of my whininess).

While I do read some blogs that focus on health and fitness, most of the blogs I read do not. So while I can always turn to these bloggers for inspiration on style, I don’t know what they do to stay healthy. And since I don’t know what they do, I assume they don’t have to do anything. And that's when my mind goes into overdrive! “She has it so easy!” “it’s not faaair… she probably likes the gym” “why can’t I eat whatever I want?”.  I have to remind myself that we are all human, and while it might appear to me after just reading their blog posts that some of these women have it so easy, everyone has their own battles. The key is to just be happy and that's something all of these bloggers seem to do so well!

I decided that the best thing I could do to get out of this negative (and slightly crazy) mind set would be to actually ask a small group of these bloggers about their thoughts on health, fitness and body image. And not only were they kind enough to share their thoughts with me, they agreed to let me share them with you!

Tomorrow I will start posting what some of my favourite bloggers (and soon to be your favourites if they aren't already) have to say about a topic that is on a lot of our minds! So stay tuned for a weeks worth of motivation!