Day 29

Holy smokes I can't believe that tomorrow is my last day of this challenge! I really like how this outfit turned out! I was feeling very purpley.

So I was tagged AGAIN in that question game by Natalie of Pocket of Presh. I really enjoy her style and she has been very supportive during this challenge so of course I wanted to play along and answer her questions!
1. What movie best describes your style?If you mean the style within the movie I'm going to be cliche and say "Sex and the City". The reason I say that is because between the 4 main characters there is such a variety of style and that's how I feel I am. My style varies day to day depending on my mood so sometimes I'm a Carrie, sometimes I'm one of the other 3. Hopefully that's what you meant by this question and not "what movie title best describes your style" because if that's the case the movie title implies a lot :p
2. Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?
Fashion blogs have been a huge source of inspiration but usually my outfits are inspired by one item that I really want to style. I'll find a scarf or a skirt that just stands out to me and I'll style it according to my mood that day. The only problem is that I tend to get inspired far too often and it gets expensive haha.
3. How do you feel about thrift store shopping?
I enjoy it! I am just not very good at it haha. If you visit Kelsey at The Anthology you'll see someone who has turned vintage shopping into an art! I'm envious!
4. What's the next item of clothing you really want to buy?
To be honest I tried not to focus too much on clothes that weren't in my 30 pieces during this shopping ban. I was scared I'd have crazy with drawls. I think I might just want to find the perfect pair of flat boots. Mike and I walk everywhere!
5. What's your favorite color to wear?
I really like purple but lately I've been enjoying yellow!
6. If you could shop in any city in the world, what city would you choose?
I would say New York but I've been there a few times so I think I'm going to say London.
7. Do you have an item of clothing from the past that you really regret wearing?
In grade 7 I had this purple sweat suit that I looooved. It was awful. I can't even imagine what people must have thought about it haha.
8. Which is more important to you when shoe shopping, style or comfort?
It used to be style but unfortunately now it's comfort. I have this crazy boyfriend who walks super fast and I have to try to keep up! I've really been trying to find a mix of both style and comfort but I haven't had a ton of luck
So this new challenge of mine: No Sugar for the month of August.
I know what everyone is thinking... What's with all these challenges? Yah, I know, I'm kind of insane. I just seem to function better when it's a challenge as opposed to just a random limitation.
I tend to be really really hard on myself. Normally I would think "no Melissa, you can't have that ice cream because you eat too many sweets and you have no self control" and that would upset me. So I'd start getting really upset with myself and it ends up being this destructive cycle where I eat more ice cream then I wanted originally. Yes, I'm crazy.
When it's a challenge I think "no Melissa, you can't have that ice cream because you are apart of a no sugar challenge". And that's it...
I've been working hard on trying to change my destructive ways of thinking because I know that this challenge won't result in any long term change if I don't fix how hard I am on myself.
Now! Here are the rules: They are very simple.
1) I will be allowed one dessert/treat a week (I'm hoping this will help with the long term change thing)
2) No candy, cake, cookies, chocolate etc... none of the obvious sources of sugar. Aka, all my favourites haha
3) No white breads & pastas (that'll be easy, I usually avoid them anyways).
4) I will do my best to limit sugars in every day foods (eg, salad dressing).
That's it. It's not a complicated challenge and I'm sure to most of you it seems really easy. To me and my sweet tooth? It'll be a challenge.
I will document it occasionally and especially if I need support!
Tomorrow is my last day of the 30 for 30 and I have to admit I'm excited. Now I'm going to go watch the Bachelorette!

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