Day 28

Anyone who has done a shopping ban is warning me that as soon as I'm done I'll go binge shopping. With only 2 days left in my shopping ban I really hope that won't happen.
I am excited to wear the clothes I already own that haven't been in my 30 pieces so I'm going to do my best to not shop. This was meant to be a long term change in my shopping habits so I really hope I see a difference.

Oh, and I am doing a no-sugar-in-August challenge. I'll talk about that a bit more tomorrow. Maybe it's the lack of sugar today but i'm seriously tired at 10pm. As in i'm falling asleep on my computer. I felt like wearing a couple rings today. The leaf one is from New York and I love it. Okay, good night!

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Day 27

Day 27. Woot! My Saturday was pretty quiet. I worked early this morning so I didn't want to be out late last night. I went to dinner with my Dad and then did some laundry. Jealous? I bought this scarf from RW&Co a few weeks before I decided to do this challenge and I'm glad I got to wear it.
Lovely bloggers LizzyPunch and No Guilt Fashion tagged me in a fun little game so I thought I'd play along! The rules are that I have to answer 8 questions, make up 8 new questions and then tag 8 new bloggers. I'm not very good at answering questions like this but I love games so I'm in!

My questions from Lizzy:1. What the last movie you've watched?Inception! I rarely see movies in theatres but I really enjoyed it!
2. If you could only have one sweet for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. Do you have a green thumb?No :( I wish I did because I love flowers. I'll just have to hire a hot gardener one day... it's tragic really
4. Motto running through your head?
Lately I just have to repeat "don't stress Melissa, this is not life or death" during most situations. Stress has been my enemy these days. (side note: Mike just tried to convince me my motto is "Mike is always right". He's delusional)
5. Calorie-burner of choice?
Uhhhm... I really love going for long walks but I doubt that burns very many calories. At the gym I tend to jog. I'm about to try Yoga for the first time though!
6. Pencils or pens?
Pens, because I don't make mistakes ;)
7. If you could only wear one nail color, what would it be?Clear. I have short little stubby child fingers and I think that nail polish makes them look even shorter and stubbier.
8. Would you rather waltz with a walrus or samba with a sloth? Why?Waltz with a Walrus because in comparison to a Walrus I might have a chance at looking graceful. That was a tough question though because those Sloths look pretty bad ass.

My questions from No Guilt Fashion:1.If you could choose to live any place, where would you live?
Uhm, I really do love Vancouver but I'd love to live in New York for a year or two. After that maybe by a beach somewhere. Somewhere relaxing
2. If you could only wear one color for an entire month what would you choose?
Black, even if it's technically not a colour. As much as I love other colours, I'd probably go crazy trying to match different shades of blue.
3. Do you own any pets?
My dog Lola. She's non-allergenic because I'm allergic to life. She lives with my mom right now though.
4. What is your dream job?
I'd love to be on Broadway. I used to be really involved in musical theatre and I loooved it. See below.
5. What is your favorite dessert?
Cheesecake! Which is bizarre because I really don't like cheese.
6. What type of music do you listen to?I listen to everything (aside from the "I want to die" super angry metal).
7. Name one thing that makes you happy?
Being silly.
8. If you could have a hour long shopping spree at any store, where would you choose?
Right now I'd pick Anthrolopologie. We don't have one in Vancouver and so many fashion bloggers frequent that store. It makes me really jealous!
Okay... now for my questions
1. Do you have a favourite or lucky number? Why is it significant?
2. The worlds best chef is cooking you one meal. What would you want to eat?
3. Did you have a favourite toy growing up?
4. What song do you hate having stuck in your head?
5. What's your favourite ice cream topping?
6. If you could meet any blogger who would it be?
7. Summer or Fall fashion?
8. Tag or Hide & Seek?
I am not going to tag anyone in particular.. what I'm going to do instead is if anyone would like to answer these then just post the answers in my comment section. I honestly can't decide who to tag and I'd love to hear from all of you xo.

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