Day 26

Day 26 was a great day!

I wore my dress for the third time and I actually wore it in two different ways today. Originally I was wearing a blue chunky necklace, the blue cardigan and my flat sandals. Later in the evening when I wanted to dress it up I changed into my brown heels and added a DIY flower.

Like I said in yesterdays post, today I had a hair appointment with Marlee at Axis Salon. She gave my hair a trim and a bit more shape with some layers and then styled it for me.I wish I would have had these pictures taken right after my appointment because my hair looked amazing! I ended up walking around for a couple hours before meeting up and taking these pics so it was a little wind blown by this point. Marlee gave me lots of tips about the best ways to take care of my fine hair so I'm really happy about that. I'm finding it's been extra dry lately from all this sun so I'm looking forward to reviving it!
In true Melissa fashion I was early for my appointment today which just so happened to be when Marlee was taking her lunch break. It was perfect timing so we walked down to the water and chatted for a bit. I haven't seen Marlee in seriously forever so it was really nice catching up.
 Happy Weekend!!PS- Thanks again for all your lovely comments. I seriously have some amazing followers who have been beyond supportive. You guys rock! :)

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