Day 25

5 days left! Yippeeee!
I have a ton to do and not a lot to say so I apologize for the lack of words.

Thanks to the lovely Nicole of Le Mode Du Jour and her "Fishtail plait tutorial" I was able to pull my hair into a messy side fishtail plait (braid). She made it so easy to learn so everyone should check it out.
It looked nicer when I originally did it but you get the idea.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done by the talented Marlee. I have seen pictures of Alicia's and Danielle's hair after Marlee got her hands on it so I'm excited to see what she can do to my hair! I don't want to lose any length (my hair grows beyond slowly) but I'd like some layers and my bangs need some style again.
Hair cut anxiety aside, I'm very excited!

Let's be Twitter Friends.

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