Day 16

Since today I spent zero time outside I thought I'd make the decision to include a pair of jeans in my 30 pieces seem far less silly. So I ignored the fact that it was another warm day and I put on a pair of jeans.

I've actually been freezing all day so it turns out I made the right decision. Now I'm going to go make some quick fajitas for dinner and then I'm meeting Mike at the movies so we can finally see Despicable Me..
I personally think this will be the perfect movie outfit. Comfy and warm (well, with a cardigan and perhaps my trench it will be warm!). AND since I plan on stuffing my face with treats at the movies it's perfect that this top is nice and forgiving haha.

I finally wore my suede wrap around watch from UO. It's been way too warm to wear it before now.
Thanks for all your kind words on my first 15 outfits. While I do have some fun outfits planned for the second half of the challenge, today was all about comfort.
Have a nice night everyone!