Day 11

Day 11 was spent with my cousin Alicia eating sushi, chatting and then a quick photo session with our tasty dessert.

Alicia is one of my best friends and a really talented photographer so I was excited she was going to be taking my pictures. She also has great style and is one of the 30 for 30 remix participants. I am SO lucky that she's in on this too! Talk about an amazing support system. Tonight was the perfect way to get my mind off things. 

What do I want to get my mind off of you ask? 

I swear i'm a fairly positive person even though you'd never know by my blog lately. I feel like all I do is complain.
"I'm so tiiiiiired"
"waaaah, my allergies suck"

Well folks, i've saved the best for last.

Last night I dropped my iPhone. It was maybe 1/2 a foot off the ground when I dropped it. The screen is all smashed up. I've taped it up all classy like and it's still useable. So far my cheapest replacement option is $100. We'll see how this plays out.
Today I found out that the reason my contact is bugging me isn't because of my allergies, it's because I have an eye infection. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? No contacts for up to a month? I feel so BLIND! Oh well... could be worse.

So there: A weeks worth of whining has come to an end. Thank you for your patience!
I have the weekend off and i'll be spending it with Mike again so i'm trying to focus on that to stay sane.

Do you know what else keeps me sane? Cupcakes.

And I demolished it. Poor little cupcake didn't even see that coming.
.I paired my romper with my grey blazer and the pearls Mike got me for Christmas.
It was a gorgeous day again and it was fun being goofy with Alicia. She was super speedy and emailed me these pics tonight so i'm sure we'll see her blog soon too.

Good night everyone! xo

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